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Community Collaborations Featuring Silent Cries, Inc.

Cole’s Contour Collections Boutique had the distinct pleasure to support Ms. Tonais Exantys, the founder of Silent Cries, a nonprofit organization who advocates against Domestic Violence and provides a safe space for men and women to share their stories and be heard! On June 25, 2023, Ms. Exantys along with Dr. Venus Miller (Family and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner) hosted an all-male panel to discuss “The Value of a Man”. The male panelist included Singer, Song Writer, Producer, serial Entrepreneur - Mr. Black Dada, Medical Science Liaison – Mr. Steve Duverglass, and Motivational Speaker – Mr. Travis Green. The attendees had the opportunity to get a deeper understanding from the panelist by sharing their personal strengths, qualities, and struggles people may be facing in today’s society from a male’s perspective!

The CEO of Cole’s Contour Collections Boutique and retired U.S. Navy veteran, Ms. Nicole Simms supported her movement by contributing a few of her boutique pieces to the lovely hostess to wear for this monumental event. You will find Ms. Exantys rocking the “Her Desire” jumpsuit during the event.

Her Desire Jumpsuit by CCC Boutique
Founder, Silent Cries, Inc Nonprofit Organization

Ms. Exantys: " For over 25 years, I have been a survivor, and in 2019, during the COVID pandemic, I established Silent Cries, Inc. Our mission to educate, prevent, support, and empower victims and survivors to live free from domestic violence. I am passionate about motivating others and never hesitate to share my story, aiming to inspire and instill hope in those who may feel alone. The pandemic provided me with an opportunity to create my vision of Silent Cries while working from home, as services for domestic violence were limited.

During this time, I had the privilege of sharing my story on Island TV, featured on a special broadcast show promoting the movie “Loving Till it Hurts.” I highly recommend watching it for free at Additionally, I participated in numerous virtual and in-person conferences, including the BIKS Kids Foundation Silence Kills Conference and the Haitian American Faith Base Network Break the Silence, among others. These platforms allowed me to educate and empower the community on domestic abuse.

Discovering your purpose often involves tapping into the challenges you’ve faced and overcome in life, transforming negativity into something positive. With an open heart and welcoming presence, I have been able to create a safe environment where both women and men feel comfortable sharing their stories, seeking guidance, and empowering others. Establishing healthy relationships is crucial for a healthy lifestyle and to minimize domestic abuse and toxic relationships.

There is still much work to be done. Engaging in conversations about domestic violence is powerful, even though it may be a topic many people avoid. However, I believe it is necessary to address the layers of trauma, mental health, and domestic violence in our community to “Change Mindset Change Lives,” which is the platform Silent Cries, Inc. has created. We host monthly events addressing various topics through authentic conversations, featuring myself and other special guests who bring their personal and professional expertise to empower and educate our community.

Our work extends into the community, particularly in serving our youth. We collaborate with other nonprofit organizations and organize events such as the upcoming back-to-school giveaway on August 13th, 2023. You can register for the event at, and if you’d like to contribute supplies, the donation link is Furthermore, we are currently developing youth programs and planning our event series for October 2023, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Domestic violence is a personal journey that has deeply impacted my life and the lives of my children, both negatively and positively. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Nicole of Cole’s Contour Collections Boutique for sponsoring me and providing the opportunity to wear one of her exquisite pieces. Supporting one another comes in various forms, such as creative spaces, gifts, talents, and entrepreneurship. Wearing Cole’s Contour Collection has not only elevated my confidence and appearance but also aligns with the greater purpose behind her fashion collection.

Ms. Simms: "Tonais is doing such great things in the Miami-Dade community, and we are just trying to support her efforts by giving back what we can! We have also donated items from our collection to other nonprofit organizations such as Miami based, Out of the Closet, Salvation Army, and Goodwill. We believe it takes a village to empower and uplift one another during these trying times which mental health is so crucial. We are happy to collaborate for future events!”

In closing, Ms. Exantys’ organization works closely with churches, law enforcement, lawyers, and other community partners that provides additional resources to create a more understanding environment for victims and survivors of domestic violence. If you would like more information for future Silent Cries events or donate, please visit their Instagram handle @Silentcries.dvo, LinkTree or email:

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read our latest blog post! We look forward to sharing more community events, fashion, beauty, and wellness. Stay tuned!

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