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Ms. Nicole Simms

        The name of my boutique stemmed from the origin of my name (Ni'cole) and the love I have for fitness (Contour). When combined in alignment, Cole's Contour Collections Boutique was curated to showcase a unique style to shape a woman's beautiful silhouette. As a young lady, I have been very passionate about fashion. My father (deceased) was a well known photographer on the East Coast. I was born and raised in Southeast, Washington DC and have history residing in Youngstown/Columbus, Ohio.


        Being alongside my father in the entertainment industry afforded me the opportunity to be around lot's of fashion!! Furthermore, when I joined the U.S. Navy (2002), I had the privilege to travel many places across the world which exposed me to many cultures and its fashion. Now that I am retired from military service, I have committed my passion to pursue my dreams, unapologetically.


        It is my absolute pleasure and commitment to bring women the latest and hottest fashion trends so they can make an impactful statement without having to speak! My brand's mantra is to embrace ALL women to Be Fearless, Be Brave, Be Bold and Love themselves!


     I hope you enjoy my collection and would love to see you wearing them! Please tag us on all our social media so we can showcase you in our exquisite pieces!  I want to personally thank you for stopping by Cole's Contour Collections LLC and supporting a veteran/black owned business!

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